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Does your small business have a good savings accoount? Are you unhappy with your current business savings account? Are you looking for a business savings account that will appreciate your business even though you are a small business? Do you want a bank that will roll out the red carpet and give you VIP treatment regardless of the size of your business?

Welcome to - The Free Business Savings Account Search Engine. was created to help small businesses like yours get the great perks and services you deserve.

Small Business owners shouldn't have to accept being treated like second class citizens because of your size. This search engine was created to help you find the banking information you need for your small business. Don't settle for second rate services, you deserve better!


Start searching for free business savings accounts.

Is there a bank that is offering a free business savings account in your community? If there was such a bank available, would you take advantage of it? Did you know that if you have an active business savings account, in good standing that the bank might be more likely to loan you money when needed to help grow your small business?

You don't have to restrict your banking to just one bank. As a matter of fact it isn't wise to keep all of your assets in a single bank. You can open a business savings account at more than one bank; thereby allowing you access to the many different perks and benefits being offered by each bank.

In this era where restrictive banking is the norm rather than the exception, having multiple business savings accounts can be extremely beneficial to your business. As a small business, it is more important than ever to diversify your resources. Free business savings accounts are available in abundance at a variety of banks and credit unions. Having a free business account with a bank entitles you to the benefits available to the business banking customers of those banks.

If your business was to be denied a loan at a certain bank, if you attempt to apply for a loan at a different bank, you might find it nearly impossible to get that business loan were you not to have a banking relationship with that bank. However, if you were to have an active business savings account or business checking account with the bank, your chances are going to be much better.  

Most small businesses today are financially strained as is. Most small business owners are too busy trying to pay day to day bills and make payroll to worry about opening a business savings account. As a result, there are many small business owners who don’t have a single penny in a business savings account. If the wind were to blow the wrong way, their businesses could be in peril. This is why it is so important to open a business savings account. The fact of the matter is that these free business savings accounts are available. If free business banking is being offer by your bank or credit union, why not take advantage of it?

The only way to find out if your bank or credit union is offering the best business savings account it to compare it to other offers that are available through other banks or credit unions. Unlike a business checking account, which allows you to write checks, business savings accounts are purely for the purpose of saving. The important thing as the name indicates is to find a high yield business savings account. You want to find a business savings account that offer you high interest on your business savings deposits. Don’t settle for the business savings accounts with interest rates of less than one percent. There are plenty of those around and you deserve much better than that. You work hard for your money, don’t sell yourself short be accepting an insult in the way of ridiculously low interest rates on your business savings account.

If you are finding it difficult to get high interest rates on your business savings account, open an online business savings account. Online business savings accounts offer several times that rate of interest as regular business savings accounts. You might also want to consider business money market accounts or business CD accounts as optional way to save your money. Business money market accounts are known to pay higher interest rates and that is the same with a business CD account.

Many business money market accounts have certain restrictions in regards to how many transactions you can have on a monthly basis before being penalized with fees. When you use business CD accounts a means to save your money make sure that you can do without the money for the term of the CD. CDs have terms of 6 months, 1 year or more, where you will not be able to touch that money and if you do, there are heavy penalties. So while both of these methods pay you higher interest on your money, that higher interest rate comes at a price.

Make sure to the business CD rates and business money market rates when trying to decide which one will be a better option for your business savings. Once again, early withdrawal fees from your commercial CDs are something that should your carefully considered. If you are a minority there might also be a special type of business savings account available with certain extras that might be helpful for your small business savings account. Contact your bank or credit union and ask a lot of questions before signing up for their business savings account.



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"Great emphasis is placed on business checking accounts, but rarely is there a comment about business savings accounts. Businesses need to place greater emphasis on savings accounts. In this economy cash flow is the lifeblood of all businesses and without sufficient capital, bankruptcy becomes inevitable."